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Aug. 16, 2011

Published in Siskiyou Daily News

So much to chat about. Where to start?

First, I so appreciate those of you who stop and let me know you enjoy this column.

It is fun visiting with you about my garden. Some are just starting gardening and others out-do me by a whole lot. While working in the Right to Life booth at the fair, Richard Jones from near-Montague stopped to talk. I’ve known Richard for over 25 years from when he worked at Gil’s Sentry grocery in Etna. Anyway, Richard started clicking off all the vegetables growing in his garden and then mentioned 200 tomato plants. My immediate reaction was, “are you insane!” And he doesn’t even sell them. Just gives them to family and friends. Yes, he has some tomatoes ripening. Sure wish I lived closer.

Talking about tomatoes, I was commiserating with fellow gardeners Tom Pease and Mike Cramer this week. We don’t have any ripe tomatoes and Tom thinks it is the cooler nights. I also think it is the cooler summer we are having. Don’t get me wrong, I love this 80 degree and lower 90 degree heat, but it does affect the garden. Mike and I picked our first cucumbers on Aug. 13th.

All my adult years of living here, it seems that green beans always come ready during fair week. On Aug. 9th, I picked about four gallons of beans and was swamped with setting up fair booths, so gave most away. But did get a big batch cooked. Gotta get out there this a.m. and pick them again. Questions: Why does that 18-foot-row look so short, when you are planting it? But when you are picking, it takes nearly an hour to do the project?

Controversial subjects

I am not short on issues to discuss this week. Keith Darrah, with his Truck Village problem, is back in the news. Last week, Darrah filed a Petition for Writ in the Siskiyou County Superior Court. This is the beginning of a lawsuit against the county board of supervisors, planning commission and planning department.

Up until now, Darrah has only filed appeals against the county’s decision to stop him from paving his parking lot at Black Butte. Our board of supervisors approved themselves up to $233,000 to pay private attorneys to defend them in a Judicial Procedure, where the supervisors acted as judge and jury in a hearing back in July. I watched the hearing and saw travesties in how the private attorneys and Chairman Jim Cook disallowed witnesses and information to be submitted to the hearing.

Sorry, but I shook my head at the injustice and Kangaroo Court actions. These supervisors are hiding something and I believe Darrah’s lawsuit will bring out the truth, which is: The Good Ol’ Boy network of businesses in Siskiyou County sought to destroy Darrah, because he wasn’t doing business with them. Period. Is this the Siskiyou Mafia? Oh, the writ states he is “aggrieved by the conduct in the appeal proceeding.”

I believe if Siskiyou County is to survive, we must have all the businesses (doing business) that we can get; and the dog-eats-dog attitude must go by the wayside.

DFG and Greenies

Several newspapers ran articles this weekend blasting farmers and ranchers in Scott Valley. Greenies claim that the Dept. of Fish and Game will bend to ranchers. I don’t know if Fish and Game will bend, but Scott Valley Protect Our Water will be adamant: More water in the creeks will not save juvenile coho salmon.

DFG is holding a meeting tonight, Aug. 16, at the Fort Jones Community Center at 7 p.m. to ask for irrigation water to be put in streams. First — there isn’t much irrigation water available. The creeks are drying up, because the snow has melted and that is what they have been doing since before agriculture was here. We can prove it.

The crux is that the Greenies found some dead coho in Patterson Creek and are blaming farmers for irrigating and taking what is their legal Water Right.

Luckily, through the Scott River Water Trust, Sari Sommarstrom can prove there was no irrigation occurring from Patterson Creek since July 7. This is when lots of water filled the stream from the high snow melt.

We also know that someone put a dam in the creek up high and once that info was released last week, part of the dam was removed to let the water flow!

These action by Greenies are a sham, slander and fraudulent. But Greenies use lies to destroy economies, communities and family businesses.

Yes, Sheriff Lopey has been alerted that this meeting may get a bit heated.

Summit on the Scott River

Scott Valley POW is holding a special meeting to share information about the past, present and future of the Scott River. It will be held Aug. 23 at the Fort Jones Community Center from 1 to 4:30 p.m. Everyone is invited to attend.

 Liz Bowen lives near Callahan, CA. and helps individuals write autobiographies/biographies. Check out her website/blog at: www.


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Life is adventure. You live it. I record and write it. Photos included. End result is an audio CD and or uniquely detailed book.
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