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Aug. 9, 2011

Published in Siskiyou Daily News

“The True Endangered Species” is the theme for the fair booth sponsored by Scott Valley Protect our Water and Siskiyou County Water Users Assoc. It will be in the Commercial building starting Aug. 10 at 3 p.m., when the Siskiyou Golden Fair officially opens. Stop by and visit with us and pickup information and POWs newsletter.

Calif. Dept of Fish and Game sent out a letter last week to surface irrigators in Scott Valley calling for a meeting on Aug. 16 at 7 p.m. at the Fort Jones Community Center. Fish and Game is asking water users to voluntarily leave water in the streams for juvenile coho salmon. The letter is a nicer-read that than the threatening letters of 2010, but the main problem is that the snow has melted and the creeks dry up — naturally.

State agencies and radical Tribes and Greenies blame agriculture for the reduction of water flow. The plain fact is that the streams dry up. That is why true science can prove that coho salmon are not native to Scott Valley. For thousands of years, the inland streams have dried up in the summer, whether farmers irrigate or not. Coho do not do well this far inland and were transplanted here starting 100 years ago the 1890s. Scott Valley POW advocates the Fish and Game are over-stepping their bounds once again.

Met with Senator Doug LaMalfa on Saturday with other constituents. Doug is taking his vacation, with his family, touring the North State. He is very disappointed that Trinity, Del Norte, Siskiyou and Shasta Counties have been taken out of his District in the last map released by the Redistricting Commission.

Doug is also concerned about several state agencies levying fees: CalFire has tagged on a “triple taxation” $150 fee that Doug believes will be sued upon. He wants to “beat this thing back,”  because it’s the principle that is wrong.”

Several of us complained about the Dept. of Water Resources increasing fees for Water Master Service by eight times, which is hitting ranchers and farmers with a huge increase for the use of their water.

Sheriff Jon Lopey stopped by. Doug asked him about how the “War on Terror” is affecting our economy. Sheriff responded that the lack of border security is one of the biggest military and economic challenges facing California counties, because of the drug cartels growing marijuana on our lands and using I-5 corridor for illegal distribution.

Check out Pie N on the internet for more on these issues.


The cooler-than-usual temperatures this summer are a joy. We had about 10 days of high 90 degrees, but the past week of high 80s didn’t hurt my feelings a bit. The last several summers, I have been hustling to keep everything irrigated and so I set my water timers for last year’s needs – and an hour on each line of soaker hose is actually too much for the tomatoes and even the cucumbers. The timers are set to go off every day at the same time and I am shutting off the lines for just every-other-day.

Both varieties of garlic are dry. Now I need to twistingly remove the dry tops and figure out how I will store them. The giant pumpkin seems to double in size every few days, but I don’t think it will grow very large pumpkins this year before it frosts. But it really depends on when it frosts! I hope not until late Sept this year, but we who knows. Oh, and I did finally pay up and take Tom and Verna Pease to lunch. Remember Tom and I had the contest last summer to see who could grow the largest pumpkin and he won. Whoever lost would take the other out for dinner and I want you to know I paid up.

The cabbages are huge and finally getting some aphids, but the plants, along with the broccoli, are pretty clean and happy for August. I think they like the cooler summer too and maybe the dill voluntarily growing in them helped as well. Several cabbages may hit the 12 pound size like two I had last year. Now that the larger heads have been picked from the broccoli, I am picking the much smaller ones that grow by many of the leaf joints and the picking is every-other-day. Made another broccoli and bacon and raisin salad this weekend.

Can’t believe how the corn has grown. In just a few days, last week, the silk on the ears grew four inches. I planted peas in July for an autumn crop and the only peas that grew were planted into the corn row. Maybe the peas needed the shade, but next year, I think I’ll try planting the July peas in the corn with expectations of them climbing up the stalk.


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