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July 19, 2011

Published in Siskiyou Daily News

This Thursday, July 21st, Scott Valley Protect Our Water is holding an important meeting. Water and property rights supporters are encouraged to attend.

Property rights attorney, Fred K. Grant, will be here and discuss “new gigantic tools” for making state and federal agencies abide by the legal process of Coordination with local governments. President Obama just issued Executive Order 13575, which requires all cabinet officers to better “coordinate … for quality of life in our rural communities.”  Fred is excited to use this Order to our advantage.

The meeting is at 7 p.m. at the Fort Jones Community Center. Bring a dessert to share afterwards, when we have Pie N Politics, which is our social hour. We will also discuss the status of the Water Master Service fee increase and the reactivated County Water Master District. And we had a “win” with the recent changing of the boundaries of our voting districts with the Redistricting Commission. Shasta County is still working hard trying to be removed from the coastal districts and we should lend them support. Mike Duguay will discuss the coho salmon Task Force critiquing a federal agency.

Scott Valley Bluegrass Festival

Sure enjoyed the great music at the festival last weekend in Etna. Visited with friends and was amazed at many vendors artwork. Good food too. Thanks to all the hard-working volunteers!

Republican Central Committee meets

On Wednesday evening, the Republican Central Committee will meet at Mings in Yreka at 6 p.m. Attorney Fred K. Grant will speak and share his new information. Visitors are encouraged to attend.

Fred will be here all week attending meetings, including Sheriff Jon Lopey and others at county and city levels. I was told Sheriff Lopey did an outstanding job in the county’s Coordination meeting with the U.S. Forest Service last week. The “human” aspect has been ignored in federal issues and this is where local policies, which include our economy, culture and safety will have new strength. Sheriff Lopey is leading the way and standing firm.

Darrah hearing

The Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors is spending a huge amount of tax payer money in their persecution of Truck Village business owner Keith Darrah. County records show the county supervisors have contracted over $225,000 dollars for outside private attorneys for the judicial procedure this week against Darrah, who expanded his parking lot at the Black Butte business location.

This judicial procedure by the Board is highly unusual and the supervisors sit as judge and jury against Mr. Darrah. I imagine the supervisors will once again rule against Mr. Darrah and it will continue to be a big waste of time and money.

Mr. Darrah has an approved gravel mine, but the county is claiming that he mined at his paved parking lot. Sure he had to excavate and remove hillside and gravel, but the area is within an “industrial” zone. This is a no-brainer. Property rights activists, including Scott Valley POW, are supporting Darrah. This may come back to bite Siskiyou County.

I must ask these questions: Why does the county continue to persecute businesses? We need all the tax dollars we can get. Shouldn’t the county work with businesses to help them be productive? Or are only a select few permitted to be in business?

Blinking deer light

Yep, this is ironic. Received several reports that one of the poles with a covered blinking deer light outside of Fort Jones has been in an accident. This was a million dollar project by the state Dept. of Fish and Game as a protection for deer; and received many complaints for waste of taxpayer money. I will report more next week, but it sounds like someone may have tried to miss an animal (deer?) and took out the pole – wiring and all!


Could not believe how cool it got last week. I covered the carrot seed bed with layered sheets to keep them damp and didn’t really need too. I don’t see any carrots coming up. There are some tiny green leaves sprouting, but I think they are weeds. The peas are not up either. That is the hard part – waiting for the seeds to sprout up!

Learned something about lettuce, when I picked a huge batch this week. I have been surprised as they keep producing and I figured it was from seed. But I realized, while cutting the plants just above the ground, they have been re-growing and producing several more big lettuces from one stem and root. I left some lettuce and will see if the other roots produce again. It was so cool this weekend that they may continue to grow. Wow, have the green beans, zucchini and corn taken off. I have had to cut back on my irrigation. Usually this time of July it is super hot and I am constantly irrigating.





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