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July 12, 2011

Published in Siskiyou Daily News

Dan Doresy of Mt. Shasta TEA Party asked about eight of us who are leaders in groups, who want to live by the U.S. and California Constitutions, to network as a Siskiyou Alliance. We have met with Congressman Tom McClintock, California Senator Doug LaMalfa, Congressman Wally Herger. Last Friday, we met with Assemblyman Jim Nielsen in Mt. Shasta at Lalo’s. The Siskiyou Alliance includes the Mt. Shasta TEA Party, Yreka TEA Party, Siskiyou Water Users Association, Scott Valley Protect Our Water, Republican Central Committee, KARE – the pro-timber group, Grange and the suction dredge miners.

Nielsen listened and shared info as well. He is frustrated over the redistricting commission, bus said there is nothing that legislators can do about the redistricted boundaries, because it was taken out of their hands by a CA. Proposition in 2008 passed by the state voters. The last map I have seen puts all of Siskiyou County back together and places us with Modoc, Lassen, Plumas and down the eastern side of the state.

Shasta County has now been lumped into the coastal counties. The hearings are also closed, but the Citizen’s Redistricting Commission is still taking emails and letters. Thank you to everyone who wrote letters to keep Siskiyou County together. We may still lose Nieslen as our assemblyman, who has been a champion for Siskiyou issues, but at least we won’t be with the extremely different coastal communities. Nielsen also promised that he will continue to give voice to concerns from Siskiyou County at the state level. To him, I say “thank you!”

We also discussed the PUC rate increased proposed by Pacific Power regarding dam removal. There are two new difficult problems for farm and ranch irrigators. One is the drastic increase in Water Master Service by the CA. Dept. of Water Resources. The other is regarding maintenance on the expensive fish screens that have been installed in Scott Valley as demanded by the CA. Dept of Fish and Game back in 2002, because of the proposed listing of coho salmon to the California Endangered Species Act.

This agency has spent over $1.2 million to engineer and place 95 fish screens on diversions in Scott Valley, but the agency is dragging its feet to maintain the fish screens. After the high water this year, many have been damaged by debris. In the agency’s regulations it states they are to maintain the fish screens, but they are not.

I complained to the State Director John McCammon at Scott Valley Protect Our Water’s meeting with him in April, but nothing has been done.

Several assembly bills were also discussed and the problem gold miners are having with the California Dept. of Fish and Game. There was plenty to talk about.

Things are growing

Gardening is still front and center. Finally there is more color in the wild flower garden as the multi-colored rose and red rose are blooming. Oh, the fragrance is gorgeous. Also the tall yarrow is turning yellow. The pedal-type bright purple lambs ears and red snapdragons are blooming together. There are also the yellow coreopsis, Shasta daisies, purple wandering Jew and a pink bearded discia. And the orange day lilies just started opening everyday. Quite a variety of color, but that is why I call my flower garden “wild.”

Mixed Miracle Grow and sprinkled the entire garden vegetables on Saturday. Also did the five zinnias, one large dahlia and three smaller ones that just popped up.

The cabbage is making heads and the broccoli produced nice-sized bunches, which needed to be picked this week. These plants are the healthiest I’ve ever grown and I think the volunteer dill that is growing among them may be discouraging the aphids.

I combined two recipes and made a broccoli salad with green onions from the garden and bacon and raisins – not from the garden.

I was trying to irrigate the potatoes every other day, but on Saturday they were so sad by 3 p.m. that I realized they either need more water or when it is over 90 degrees need to irrigate an hour every day. The plants are blooming and grew another foot this past week! I put new photos up on and the “beginning of summer” garden photos.

I have added a bag of steer manure to one spot where I will plant snow peas this week. It is supposed to be cooler just in the 80s this week, so I hope to get a long row of carrots to germinate. They will go in where I pulled the 70 garlic plants, which need to be braided and hung on a pine tree limb to dry. I need to find some fabric to place over the carrot seed bed and irrigate several times a day. I have never had much luck planting carrots in the heat of summer, but I want to eat carrots all winter, so they need to get to growing.


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